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The Web Lady

Hi there, my name is Judith Berman, I am a single mother trying to make a living doing web design and affiliate marketing. I have three beautiful children, Bobby, C.J., and Suzie. I have been designing web sites for over 17 years. We have 1 dog and 6 cats. Please feel free to Contact me with any comments or questions you may have.

I currently work with these sites:
(Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Design and Maintain Puppy Station (Started October 1, 1999):
Katsation Pugs
New Additions to Katsation:
Dacotah   (Jan. 1999)
Feline WWW Sites   (Feb. 1999)

Promoted to Co-Webmaster, September 17, 1999, at Work to increase hits by forwarding traffic from old file locations to new file locations, statistics are now showing an increase from 8,500 hits per day to 11,500 hits per day.

Promoted to Webmaster of on April 2, 1999.

Promoted to Sr. Assistant Webmaster January 1, 1999 at Played a key role in the latest design and Re-coded the majority of the site (at least 1500 pages) for the move to, Cleaned up CGI correcting output, Work with htaccess (to password protect more directories), Cleaned up Development area and created a list of Server Side Includes (SSI) which are now in use for the headers, footer, bookstore link, express yourself link and for the Authors Bios (as suggested by Jim Campbell our Articles Assistant Webmaster), negating the need to update every single article an author has written when he/she changes their bio, The Development area keeps track of new Articles and Q&A's arriving from authors, as they come in I assign them to one of our Assistant Webmasters who then assign them to coders. Recruit new coders via the HTML Writers Guild

Promoted to Assistant Webmaster in March of 1998 - for Self-Help & Psychology Magazine. In charge of Inspection & Correction - Cleaned up CGI correcting output to match new design, created password protected directories, created E-Mail forms for auto-mailing to lists & for auto-coding Articles & Q&A pages, downsized images and removed old directories saving over 4 MB of space on the server, update "Hot Links" whenever needed, Update & Fix CGI & Frame Slide-Shows, Created CGI Entry Pages for Cyber Romance Safety Tips, re-coded (basically) the whole Question & Answer section of the site & Fixed ALL "dead" links for the entire site (currently 1650 pages).

Achieved Assistant Webmistress Position at - Assisting Webmaster with HTML, CGI, Java Scripts and Web Site Designs. - Jewelry

Assisted at - THE Place For HTML Help - Installed CGI .

Assisted at - Computers, Hardware, Software, and Web Design - Created Products Database, Web Store, Installed CGI Guestbook & other Occassional fix its.

Assisted at - Leadership Through Education - Built Database for Student Information.

Assisted at Zelda - JavaScript pop-up windows.


Webmaster at . - Fully Designed
(Some graphics from outside sources, credit given where applicable.)

Design and Maintain (Started September 1, 1997):
(more on Katsation below, Link is followed by Date added)

Katsation's Home Page
Bookstore   (Oct. 1997)
Dacotah   (Jan. 1999)
Dandielion   (Feb. 2005)
Feline WWW Sites   (Feb. 1999)
Karabel   (Nov. 1997)
Katsation   (Sept. 1997)

Le Chat Paws   (Sept. 1997)
Playwickey   (May 1998)
Purrsuits   (Nov. 1997)
Rejouissance   (May 1999)
Toy Store   (Oct. 1998)

Designed - Navigation, Image Maps, Server Side Includes & Graphics

Installed CGI - Counter, Postcards, CGI E-Mail, Redirect, Search.

JavaScript - Image Flips, Jukebox, Pop-Up Windows, Text in Status Bar, Image Map Image Flips

Awards Presented to

In February of 1999 Katsation received in excess of 10,000 unique visitors. In August, 1999 Katsation had over 50,000 !


1990-Present - Home Maker
1987-1990 - Miami-Dade Community College
Active Member Phi Theta Kappa, Omicron Tau Chapter

PTK - The International Honor Society of the Two-Year College, has been recognized as the largest and most dynamic honor society in all of higher education.
Received Best Provisional Member Award upon my initiation into PTK.
Created and held position as Director in Charge of TOCWRC.
Duties included recruiting volunteers and delegating work to be done for The Old Cutler Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.
This program had the honor of being nominated for the PTK National Service award.
Nominated and voted in as PTK Omicron Tau Chapter Treasurer.
1986 - 1996 - Housekeeper/Nanny/Chauffeur/Chef/Tutor
For a family of four in Miami, Fl. The children were 3 months and 3 years old when I came to live with them, they are now 13 and 16 Years old, both honor students, well adjusted, and very computer literate.

Skills Utilized - Dedication, Responsibility, Communication, Punctuality, Time Management, Organizational, Practicality, Resourcefulness, Patience, Follow Through, Delegation, Leadership, Confidence and The ability to work with a group. (not necessarily in that order)

Thank you for your interest in
Design Tyme.
Judy Berman (

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Judith Berman
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08:10 AM
May 26, 2019

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